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Tinto Press Pop-Up

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Denver’s own comics publisher, Tinto Press will be at Modern Nomad July 20th from 11-7pm!

Graphic novels, comics, and mini comics from local, national and international authors. This is your chance to support Independent comics and acquire cutting-edge work from award winning creators.

Limited Print-Run comics from:

  • Sam Spina, Cartoon Network Story-Board artist for The Regular Show

  • Sara Lautman, The New Yorker published cartoonist

  • Karl Christian Krumpholtz (Westword cartoonist) Author of An Introduction To Alcohol

  • Jason Walz, Eisner-Nominated creator of Homesick

  • Josh Bayer, Writer artist for All-time comics from Fantagraphics

Appearing in person:

Ted Intorcio: Publisher/ creator of DOA, The Death Of Alfalfa, a biographical comic about Carl Switzer, the actor who played Alfie in The LittleRascals and Horse Laugh, The Death Of Mickey Daniels.