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Meal Prepping/Groery Shopping Workshop with Gertner's Kitchen


Gertner’s Kitchen is featuring a Meal Prepping/ Grocery shopping workshop in the heart of Denver’s Art District, Modern Nomad Home. Grocery shopping can be extremely stressful, not to mention planning meals for yourself and a family, while also balancing a full-time job, exercising, trying to socialize and most importantly sleeping. This guided one-hour workshop will make the stress of grocery shopping and meal planning become a breeze. The workshop will include how to shop affordably and locally with what is in season, the dirty dozen list and why you should be buying these items organic, as well as building your own grocery list with meals for the week.

About Alexandra Gertner:

Alexandra Gertner is a Denver-based gluten-free food blogger. After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease and IBS at the age of 15 years old, Alexandra took maters in her own hands and started to heal her body from the inside out. While attending Colorado State University, she decided to start an Instagram page, gertners_kitchen, geared toward college students for affordable, quick and healthy meals. Gertner's Kitchen became more than an Instagram page, but a platform for people who wanted to heal their bodies naturally and live a healthier lifestyle. After graduating CSU with a Hospitality Management degree, Alexandra moved to Denver to peruse her love for food and hosting events. As someone who has healed their body naturally through food, Alexandra will share her life changing health journey as she shows the world that food, is the most powerful drug.

You can find all of Alexandra’s recipes on @gertners_kitchen and she can be contacted by email,

$25.00 - Pay at the door