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Denver Wood Co Installation Pop-up

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PJ Hire, founder of Denver Wood Co and the face behind the furniture, has been a creator, designer and builder for as long as he can remember – often crafting unique pieces for friends and family. After college graduation, he jumped into the corporate world and most recently did a stint in the tech industry. Steady paychecks and benefits are great, but PJ wanted more. He longed for an opportunity to put his passion for design and quality craftsmanship into play. In spring 2018, he made the leap forward to found Denver Wood Co. With an emphasis on modern design, precise craftsmanship and locally sourced materials, Denver Wood Co aims to create simple, beautiful, enduring furnishings that fit beautifully into a wide array of spaces and lifestyles.

We pride ourselves on the pieces we produce, but it’s not just about building furniture. Our greatest satisfaction comes from the relationships we build with our clients. And, of course, from the community we call home. We’re Denver Wood Co and our dream is to bring beauty, function and happiness in our clients’ homes every day. One piece of carefully crafted furniture at a time.

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Two Quills Trunk Show from Taos

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June 8th and 9th, 12-5pm

About Two Quills

Two Quills is a boutique jewelry brand based out of Taos, NM. Owner/Maker Carla Wollum seeks to explore the conversation between the primitive and the modern American West and marry traditional Southwestern aesthetics with modern designs. By working with unique materials and producing limited runs of her designs Two Quills is ever evolving while paying homage to the inspiring cultures along the way.

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5:00 PM17:00

The Ancestor by Paige Briscoe

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The Ancestor is a deeply engaging art installation that is meant to signify our ancestral roots as humans. Completely interactive, The Ancestor encourages guests to step outside their comfort zone and into a surreal and imaginary experience where they can develop their own questions and understanding on how we perceive and interact with nature. 


Wishing she was a plant herself, Paige Briscoe uses her surroundings as her source of inspiration to create one of a kind plant installations. Paige uses her art to facilitate what she believes is the most important relationship we can have, the relationship with our environment and the natural world. Using only natural materials, Paige creates an immersive experience, guiding audiences to observe and interact with their surroundings in a different way. She is passionate about plants and the intricate systems that reside in nature and hopes that her art serves as a gentle reminder that we are all significantly and extraordinarily connected. 

Opening reception is on June 1st from 5pm-8pm. Refreshments will be served throughout the event. Installation will be on display through out the duration of June. Do not miss this incredible and unique experience to interact with nature!

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