Modern Nomad - the space and store came to be in 2017 when I had the opportunity to build and create a vision for a 5,500 SF warehouse in the heart of RiNo. It is a place where people can go to roam, shop, mingle, and be inspired. They say retail is dead, but it’s all about the experience, and meaningful collaborations with exceptional people.

The concept of Modern Nomad is a multi-tenant retail space with the absence of demising walls. The tenants have created their store & experience within a store. We are all different yet distinctly complimentary.  



Within Modern Nomad is my store, Modern Nomad Home. Many of the products at Modern Nomad Home are sourced from small artisans. We are increasingly seeing mass-produced trends that lose their authenticity, so it’s important to source from the source. I have purposefully sought out artisans with small businesses which support their families and local communities. Most of these business owners are women who work hard, are insanely passionate about what they do, and are supportive of new business owners in every way.

What I love about design is that it is constantly evolving and changing. Just like fashion, the seasons influence design and choices that are made. When purchasing for the store, I buy things I love and would want in my home. Many of the items we carry are created in nature i.e.  feather and shell collars from Borneo, wooden bowls from Africa, handmade baskets, naturally dyed pillows, etc. Nature brings texture and I can’t get enough of it.

Being a Modern Nomad for me is traveling and collecting things that you love along the way – bringing the outside in – the unknown in – thereby making it part of your life and atmosphere.  Yet as much as I would love a nomadic existence, I always need to come back to a place I call home. Home includes all those things you’ve collected in the world, along with beautiful furniture and art.  Modern Nomad takes you on a journey, but it’s all about Home.